BPO Films is a new powerhouse studio of artists that write, produce, and distribute independent films.  BPO prides itself on a unique and raw brand of cinema that maintains the importance of storytelling, style, and entertainment.  The founders of BPO (Ben Dietels, Ryan Lintner, and Blake O'Donnell) combine thirty years of experience in all realms of the art world to unleash an unstoppable movie making machine that entertains all demographics.  They have produced dozens of short features, web series episodes, and music videos.  BPO also networks with some of the best musicians, graphic designers, and photographers in the tri-state area to keep a fresh community of creativity that together explores a true collaboration of talent. 

BPO Films is proud to announce the release of their first full-length feature film, "Captain Slickpants".  The story of Gregg Henley, an unlikely hero setting out to achieve his dream to win the heart of the girl he loves.  Along with its premiere and dvd release, "Captain Slickpants" leads the way for two more features currently in production and many more yet to come.  Infinite ideas for new projects continue the driving force behind BPO Films, making the future brighter for an excited growing audience.

For more information please visit bpofilms.com or find us on Facebook.com/bpofilms