Written & Directed by: Ben Dietels

Produced by: BPO Films

Release Date: Summer 2013

Synopsis: Ex-Rocker Marko Hammer was once rocking the nation in FASTLANE.. one of the biggest bands in the country..  Now he's stuck in a dead end job at the local Natural Foods market.. squatting under the shadows of his former bands success.  He's tired.. overworked.. and worst of all.. tonight's the night his old band comes to town.  In walks Tommy, Marko's oldest friend, who is determined to rip his downtrodden bud out from his night shift duties and hurl him into the most chaotic night they've ever had.  Leaving oddball employee Hector behind to watch the store, Tommy takes his unwilling hombre across town and into a hilarious Friday night filled with sadistic pranks, incompetent drug dealers, coveted garden gnomes, psychotic gamblers, loose "gifted" women, and insane Vietnam veterans.  So sit back, spark up, crack a brew, and blaze the funniest ride of the year in Marko Friday Night!

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Directed by: Ben Dietels

Story by: Ben Dietels & Ryan Lintner

Screenplay by: Ben Dietels

Produced by: BPO Films

Release Date: Summer 2012


Synopsis: Gregg Henley (Ben Dietels) lives alone in his deceased Grandmother’s house.  He spends his time devising strange aerobic routines, setting off fireworks in his backyard, and obsessing over Vanessa, a waitress at his favorite restaurant.  Gregg’s dreams of a relationship with Vanessa become a reality when he finds her misplaced wallet and decides to return it and confess his love.  With his best friend Steven O’Leary (Ryan Lintner) along for the ride, this seemingly easy task becomes a strange journey of twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing and howling with laughter up until the shocking finale.


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